Sandhya : Looking at the space between!

Sandhya is by far one of the most fascinating subjects around this time of year. We are approaching a most talked about transition that is Winter Solstice 2012 , happening at 11:11 am GMT on the 21 – 12 –  2012. Sandhya is when we shift and start to look at what fills the dimensions of space and time between now and the event, whathever the event.

sun and moon calendars 2013 a
Tools to navigate Time: Moon and Sun Calendar

When we look at the space between living  things we find that they are connected through relationships. Relationships are the network between all living things and although imperceptible they fill the space between. As we open our eyes to this web of connections we shift from fragmentation to Wholeness.

In the same way we can start  looking at the space within events. Transitions acquire a special meaning. We are not only focussing on the event per se but we start to pay particular attention to  what comes immediately before and then after the event. As we approach Winter Solstice the Sun is about to “dawn ” again in the Northern Hemisphere ( from solar minimum we shift towards longer days as the Sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn and starts to travel towards the Tropic of Cancer). The Sun comes to its southernmost point  and the year turns , with ligth growing again in the Northern Hemisphere.

If we could see the energy buildup before an event ( experienced as expectation)  and the release of energy after the event has happened, we would see an increse in  electricity  that is released in the atmosphere, that in turns affects the EMF of the Earth. When we speak in planetary scale of course “immediately before ” or ” after”  stretches from moments to days. Those days are called a Shandya. Is that moment in time when there is a change in the directionality of the energy field we live in, a stop and restart, that something we cannot define but that has tremendous potential to create shift.

Indigenous cultures view the universe as an indivisible whole and believe they are in a relationship with all of life – even with the Earth itself. They don’t see separate things or separate events . They see the glue between things,  and the space between events filled with meaningful relationships . Can we shift our perception and become aware of  the web of relationships that fills both the dimensions of time and space? Those cultures are still in shync with the great measurers of time , The sun, Moon and the planets and they hold the vision of an harmonious whole.

Can we reset ourselves on Time measured  by the rhythms of nature?

Can we stop seeing things as separate entities in competition for survival?

The latest evidence from quantum physics shows that all of life exists in a dynamic relashionsip of cooperation. All matetr exists in a vast quantum web of connection.

If we can shift our perspective than we will start to see the importance of transitions, we called them vinyasas , the link between two things , two events. How do we transit into the next moment will influence the result. Therefore we start to shift towards living in the present moment as we understand that the now will inform the next moment in time. We start to live an seamless stream of meaningful moments where we cultivate awareness on the now! Also we start to appreciate that we are influenced by the cycles of nature, the season the moon and the most incredible star beating at the centre of the solar system like a giant heart, regulating the biorhythms of all the living creatures.

The Sun is a giant timekeeper for all of life in this solar system. The Solar Magnetic fields are the master switch for synchronization of all living organisms! Our amazing Sun is the metronome of every living thing.

So as we synchronise ourselves consciously as well as naturally to the great metronome there are  few meaningful practices that we can embrace for the few days preceeding and following the event Solstice!  As a preparation we  can make a review of all the meaningful events of the past year and we can practice gratitude towards situations, people and even challenges in our life. And this way we bring about  closure.

Then we open a new cycle of intentions , better if we can write them down in our journal or on paper and save them for referring to them later during 2013 whenever we feel that we need to anchor them into reality .

So what is about to happen at this most spoken of WInter SOlstice 21 – 12 – 12 ?

Probably nothing new will happen this time round. The shift  might simply be that we become aware of something that was already there:  we are all connected in space through relationships and in time through the great heart beating at the centre of our beautiful solar system! The Sun.

Hope you have a most wonderful transition through Winter Solstice!



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