Yoga Clothes and Jewellery

Over the years i’ve been supporting friends that share the same eco vision in their making Yoga wear and Sacred Jewellery. I’ve chosen a few line and as an ambassador i wear their precious creations: Moontribe, Harmony Beginnings , Posto9,  Omnitom, Wellicious , and Mala Spirit.

Check them out for yourself and get a discount at checkout for some of these brands  when using the my Ambassador  promotional code.


Moontribe a new label for mindful movement designed in London by my dear friend and student Simona Schomanovich. She creates ethical clothes for contemporary yogis and yoginis to inspire us and share our conscious lifestyle as we move through our practice and our lives. Highly Recommended!!

With Simona, Founder of Moontribe

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Posto9 is an ethical athletic-wear brand that uniquely integrates performance wear with a high-fashion look
Sweat-wicking, Lightweight, Opaque, Anti-Bacterial, Odour-Free, Colourfast and UV-Proof. Designed in London. Ethically made in Rio de Janeiro.

wearing Posto9 while filming online Yoga Classes for Yoopod

A favourite brand for colourful leggings that will cheer you up in the most gloomy weather!

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London-based label Wellicious offer a great selection of yoga clothes, Pilates clothing and women’s loungewear, all of which are incredibly stylish and available in a wide spectrum of feminine colours, high-quality, luxurious fabrics, and adhere to stringent eco-conscious credentials.

Find more info at

Wellicious Yoga Wear , Harmony Beginnings and Mala Spirit
Wellicious Yoga Wear , Harmony Beginnings and Mala Spirit

Harmony Beginnings

Harmony Beginnings Gemstone and Crystal wrap bracelets and necklaces, are individually handcrafted in the UK, with healing stones selected from around the world. Designed to bring you into balance. Promoting love, harmony, success, serenity and a deeper spiritual connection with all that is divine. Meaningful jewellery that carries a message of Love and Healing from Mother Nature.

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HArmony Beginings, Arka Necklace
HArmony Beginings, Arka Necklace


Omnitom is  a yoga wear line born out of the desire to wear clothes for practice that feel soft, fit comfortably and get you in the mood for practice.

Five percent of the sales goes to Yoga Gives Back. Yoga Gives Back is a charity organisation that helps people in India with mircro-credits to set up their own business. These small loans make a huge difference for so many family’s lives.
Please visit to have a look at the Prana Power, Chakra Chic and Embrace Collections.
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Omnitom Chakra Collection
Omnitom Chakra Collection

Mala Spirit

Jewellery with character: personal, special and with a strong appearance. Made from natural products, sustainably harvested and fairtrade produced in Bali. The basis is the holy Rudraksha seeds, worn for thousands of years by Hindus and Buddhists. They are a symbol of compassion and bring balance, peace and consciousness.

Read more at  Mala Spirit

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MAla Spirit, Lightness Collection
MAla Spirit, Lightness Collection