Testimonials are genuine feedbacks received from my students. I hope they will guide you and help you decide if the course, CPDs., workshops, classes i offer are for you!

I was fortunate to meet Alessandra just over three years ago after completing my 200-hour teacher training. Alessandra’s devotion to the practice deeply inspired me so I decided to enrol on her 300-hour course in 2014. A few months into the programme, I started experiencing a tremendous shift in my own practice and teaching, feeling more focused and confident.

The module subjects are carefully chosen in order to deepen the student’s knowledge, teaching skills and support their own development and creativity. A typical day consists of a long morning practice designed around the theme of the day, meditation, chanting, discussion on the class sequence and teacher’s labs. The group discussions at the end of the day gave us all an opportunity to share our own experiences as teachers, our joys and challenges. This was all done in a truly supportive, honest and nurturing environment.

Alessandra is an incredibly gifted teacher with an amazing wealth of knowledge acquired over three decades of dedication to the practice. Her teaching is beautiful, spiritual and powerful, bringing out the best in each of her students. Alessandra is a caring, compassionate and supportive; she encourages her students to be creative with their own practice and teaching.

A highly recommended teacher, a highly recommended programme.

Youla Faita, 200hrs Registered Yoga Teacher, London

Hand-on Adjust Specialist Module Weekend @ Aditya 200hrs
Hands-on Adjust Specialist Module Weekend @ Aditya 200hrs
Alessandra kindly offers the opportunity for yoga teachers to attend the Intensive modules, part of the 300hrs Course @ Aditya Yoga School,  in their “stand-alone” capacity, which is how I came to attend the Advanced Chakra module. Alessandra’s creative, fluid approach, yet firmly rooted  in the long-held traditions and ancient roots of yogic teaching, was so inspiring I now taken the unexpected yet exciting step to fully enrol on the 500hr TT course! I am thrilled to learn more under the compassionate guidance of Alessandra and would unreservedly recommend this course to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge and spice up their approach to teaching yoga. The Advanced Chakra module offers a very comprehensive guide to the chakras, Alessandra expertly weaves the many aspects/ levels of yoga together so you leave the week long module with a much better integrated approach to your understanding of the chakras. It was an awe-inspiring week and I am still happily marinating! Thank you.
Maria B, 200hrs Registered Yoga Teacher, London
Wisdom Of Yoga Ayurveda. 300hrs Intensive Module at Aditya Yoga School
Wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda. 300hrs Intensive Module at Aditya Yoga School
I am so glad that I found Alessandra’s courses.  I took the one week Intensive Wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda course, offered as part of Aditya Yoga School 300hrs.  It was fabulous!  I learned so much on the course and although I already knew a little about Ayurveda – Alessandra’s approach was different.  I was so inspired with the course and felt that it enabled me to incorporate changes in my diet and approach to many things, sleep, health, my yoga practice etc.  A couple of months later and I have still been able to continue with what I have learned..I have even managed to loose the last few stubborn pounds I was carrying which I know was due to what I learned on that course.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Alessandra to any yoga student – experienced or otherwise.

Rosemarie M, BWY Accredited Yoga Teacher London