Happy New Moon /Summer Solstice !

Aloha ! Another amazing alignment is on its way in these endless series of planetary conjuctures of 2012. After last month New Moon/ Solar Eclipse followed straightafter by Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse today 19 June 2012 is New Moon and a few hours away tomorrow will be Summer Solstice . This is going to be the last New Moon of the cycle of the Uttarayan in 2012.

New Moon Summer Solstice

The year in the vedic traditon is divided into two halves the Uttar-Ayan (“Northern Arrival of the Sun”, marks the return of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere) from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice and the Dakshināyan ( literally means ” The Sun is moving towards South”) from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice.

On the 21 June we are going to step in the second half of the year, the Dakshināyan.

Tomorrow is the end of this cycle of the increase of daylight in the Northern hemisphere.

Whenever the Summer Solstice is upon us we are at a turning point. Our system is going to ” stop and restart”. Moreover in this occasion as we are experiencing New Moon and Summer Solstice in the arc of few hours there is a great chance to work through the unconcious patters that are driving our life that we call Karma.

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Annular Solar Eclipse and New Moon: Meditation on The Ring Of Fire!

Tonight an astronomical phenomenon of great planetary and stellar alignment is about to happen . The New Moon will reach apogee ( its farthest point from Earth ) and will eclipse the Sun in a way to create a visible “Ring Of Fire”.  This is called annular eclispe , from the Latin  “annulus” or ring .


The path of the eclipse will hover above the upper part of the Pacific  tectonic plate called “the Ring Of Fire”. Yet another alignment into the alignement!!

The Ring Of fire ( annular Eclipse ) will pass above the “Ring Of Fire ” ( Pacific Tectonic Plate) . Fire activating Fire! What to expect?

Whether this event has a tangible effect on the Earth Magnetic field or not is debatable. Nonetheless the visual impact of this occurrence on our consciousness is undeniable! The orb of the sun, that we consider the planetary source of light and life force , will change into a Ring of Fire. This means that wherever the Solar Eclipse is visible there will be  a ring of flames around a black hole in a eerie black sky, rather than the usual radiant orb of the Sun. Now even if that will last only a few minutes and not all of us will be able to experience it in person i still believe that we will be affected by it.

If unable  to experience this solar eclipse we can still attune ourseves to this event in the sacred space of meditation.

For a moment bring up a picture of the sun in your mind , maybe browse for one on your computer or smart phone and then try to recreate that image within you. In particular see if you can visualise that with your eyes closed in the space between your eyebrows. That is called Broomadhya or Brumadhya ( simply means mid point between the brows) and it  said to be the gateway to the Third Eye centre Ajna ( corresponds to the Pineal Gland). Focusing our awareness here again and again makes us gradually more capable for visualisation. This practice is one of the possible entry points to a state of meditation. As we are meditating on the Solar eclipse / New Moon we start by forming an image of the sun in the screen of the third eye. Then we shift into visualising the image that you can see above of a ring of light that circles around a black hole.  In this special transition and alignment of the Dark Moon in the path between Earth and Sun we imagine that the black hole represents an opportunity for the conscious  and subconscious mind to coalesce!

Personally i will be creating a space where i can offer in my vision all that needs reversal to the temporary black hole in the sun .

Tonight, as we go into  the sacred space of the heart through meditation, we have an bigger opportuity to stop and restart if you want to do so …otherwise just enjoy the magnificient sky show!