Happy Sharad – Lakshmi Poornima / Full Moon- Ivy or Hunter Moon/ last SUPERMOON of 2015!

Happy Sharad also called Lakshmi Poornima / Full Moon- Ivy or Hunter Moon/ last SUPERMOON of 2015!

October Ivy Supermoon
October Ivy Supermoon

Tonight the energy of the moon shining is considered particularly benevolent as the moonlight rays represent AMRITA/nectar pouring straight from the Goddess of Abundance Lakshmi.

To Celebrate Lakshmi – goddess of beauty , wealth and prosperity – a night vigil is observed. Jaagrati (vigil) suggests that those who wish to acquire wealth should always be vigilant at night. Night and day represent indeed the unconscious and conscious way of living. It is for this reason that the owl, a bird that comes out only at night is worshipped. People spend the night entertaining themselves singing, dancing and playing games in honour of the goddess!

Lakshmi, the bell, conch, pumpkin and pomegranate, leaves, flowers and the owl
Lakshmi, the bell, conch, pumpkin and pomegranate, leaves, flowers and the owl

This is how we honour this transition in my household, we will be playing board games and have a little dance and stay awake to moon bathe!
We should observe a light fast as a symbolic ritual of purification to prepare to meet the Goddess, that is supposed to visit your house if pleased by the devotee’s effort.

A little corner of my house is reserved to her, with the conch of Vishnu,Pumpkin and Pomegranate, fruits that represent Sharad / Autumn and harvest / abundance, the bell for sacred sound and silence, the Owl for Jaagrat/ vigil.

I Take a moment to offer Gratitude for the Abundance we already have in your lives, in form of food on our tables, clothes, shelter and relationships.
We are incredibly prosperous on this part of the globe and this is the time of year to acknowledge the benevolence of Mother Nature.

Reserve some time to play with your family in a simple yet meaningful manner, that doesn’t involve technology but highlights the value and importance of relationships. Often key stands in simplicity. In times when relationships are squashed by the omnipresence of technology, simply gathering for food, singing , playing and dancing has an incredible power to restore natural rhythm in the household!

Happy Sharad/ Autum – Full Moon / Poornima


One thought on “Happy Sharad – Lakshmi Poornima / Full Moon- Ivy or Hunter Moon/ last SUPERMOON of 2015!

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