Happy New Moon /Summer Solstice !

Aloha ! Another amazing alignment is on its way in these endless series of planetary conjuctures of 2012. After last month New Moon/ Solar Eclipse followed straightafter by Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse today 19 June 2012 is New Moon and a few hours away tomorrow will be Summer Solstice . This is going to be the last New Moon of the cycle of the Uttarayan in 2012.

New Moon Summer Solstice

The year in the vedic traditon is divided into two halves the Uttar-Ayan (“Northern Arrival of the Sun”, marks the return of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere) from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice and the Dakshināyan ( literally means ” The Sun is moving towards South”) from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice.

On the 21 June we are going to step in the second half of the year, the Dakshināyan.

Tomorrow is the end of this cycle of the increase of daylight in the Northern hemisphere.

Whenever the Summer Solstice is upon us we are at a turning point. Our system is going to ” stop and restart”. Moreover in this occasion as we are experiencing New Moon and Summer Solstice in the arc of few hours there is a great chance to work through the unconcious patters that are driving our life that we call Karma.

New Moon and Summer Solstice.

In Yoga the Moon is the Mind and the Sun is Spirit, the life force pervading all of the cosmos. The mind goes through continuous phases of light/darkness ( in the waxing/waning monthly cycle ) but most of all the mind doesn’t radiate a light of its own. The mind mainly reflects the light that Spirit shines upon it. Also the mind is sometimes represented as an iceberg: the concious mind being the part of the iceberg emerging above water , with the majority being submerged and representing the unconcios and subconcious mind.

In the cycle of the waning Moon towards New Moon we access that part of ourselves that we call the unconcious and subconcious mind. In particular in Yoga we do a tramendous amount of work in reprogramming the mind , whether this is through concious breathing, action, speaking, meditation or even movement! These “submerged ” parts of the mind carry all the patterns that we inherit from this and past lifetimes. We work to reprogram samskaras ( impressions) and vasanas ( tendencies).

Once every month when approaching new moon we have this chance to delve deeper and eradicate /transform all those tendencies that no longer serve us . In the next few days we will be working with “the Lux of the Sun” (Spirit ) illuminating what is normally submerged. In other words at Summer Solstice /New Moon the unconcious patters are emerging into the full light . It is a time when there is more energy available to shift. Certainly is up to us to walk upon the path of transformation there is no amount of light available that is going to do the trasformationf for us!

If you intend to ride this tranformational high-energy solar-lunar wave stay present, breathe deeply, speak from your heart and with integrity. Stay true to yourself. Move with awareness and offer all your actions to the purpose of transiting from the unconcious into the concious mind.

Happy New Moon Summer Solstice!



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  1. I really like your writing style, wonderful information, thanks for putting up :D. “Faith is a continuation of reason.” by William Adams.

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