New Year New Energy! Finding balance between the two sacred directions


I honour Ganesha Ganapathi, the elphant-headed God, remover of obstacles. May he protect our journey into the new decade! JAI 

Ganesha Ganapathi
Om GAM Ganapathaye namaha.

As we find ourselves immersed into the energy of 2010 we continue to ascertain the fact that time is flying faster. So our body-mind has to be light and prompt  to be able to respond to that stimulus. As we become more and more interconnected through the wonders of global communication we either fry or completely open up and let this total shower of information wash over us. 

More and more we become aware that we are multi dimensional living beings. It is important to find methods and tools that help us stay balanced in times of great change. In a definite manner we perceive that we live in the horizontal plane ( our daily life in the wake state ) as well as the vertical plane ( spiritual state, the capacity to operate from or connnect with our divine nature ). Yoga comes to our rescue.

Our daily yoga sadhana ( practice ) is that time of intersection between Earthly and Heavenly planes. When unrolling our mat and doing asanas, or being in somebody else’s service,  we are grounding and connecting with the powerful healing energy of the great divine Mother Nature. On the other side time spent in silence,  sitting still watching thoughts go by, chanting, praying , to cite only a few examples, are more subtle activities that uplift us toward the realm of  the great divine Father Sky. It is important to keep a balance between earthly-grounding and uplifting-inspiring actions during the day so that we can learn how to keep our vertical connection Earth-Sky while we live in the Horizontal direction ( wake state). 

May Ganesha bless our journey of unfoldment in 2010. Let’s open up to our fullest potential, embrace new possibilities and bring our deepest desires to the light.