Yoga Angels!

I didn’t know there were angels in yoga too untill i met some good old friends at the Yoga Show last friday.

Marlene Smits and Teodora Racheva, two lovely Shaktini , have just launched  Omnitom, a gorgeous yogawear  line.  They have asked me to become one of their ambassadors, they call ma a yoga- angel!

Omnitom is offering three lines for yoginis: Prana Power, Chakra Chic and Embrace. Please check their website to have a look at the softest organic cotton and most joyous colourful line of yoga clothes.

In the past few years i have completely shifted from wearing black outfits when teaching or practicing. I have noticed that my energetic level has incredibly benefit from that simple gesture. The desire to wear something colourful and cheerful it’is not a  pure act of vanity. It aligns our subtle centres (chakras) with the colour we are wearing, and so it can help us raise or lower our vibration!

If you haven’t done so yet i invite you to try, as a monthly sadhana, let go of the black and start playing with the other hues of the rainbow. Explore , be creative and playful on all dimensions, not only the inner but also the outer planes!