Chakras of the planet.

This month my attention has been drawn to the subject of Chakras…well actually Chakras have attracted my attention for a few years now and i can’t get tired of studying and experimenting with them. The minute you start looking into them you realize that you are confronting an abyss! Delving into it is enchanting , mystical and most of all fun.

As i go along with my research i like to add pieces to the jigsaw.  As you probably know we human beings are not the only living organisms with Chakras.

Chakras , that are energetic vortexes, are present in animals as well as in plants and even planets and stars have chakras!

Our beautifulf planet Earth has Chakras too. Definetely Earth has a strong MULADHARA ( base chakra ). As you know we always connect with the Earth when we send our energy deep down at the base of the spine and through the legs and feet into the planet beneath. We call that “grounding”.

In general though Earth has other chakras too. That’s how we relate to them:

The base Chakra MULADHARA is particularly active in the presence of VOLCANOS – preferrably active volcanos, volcanos are portals from deep into the Earth to the surface.

Connect to the sacral Chakra SWADISTAHANA at or near the Ocean, especially the Pacific Ocean.

The fire centre MANIPURA, you can connnect with Manipura in sunny spots like deserts.

ANAHATA where male and female energy are balanced , sacred places like temples and churches where people have prayed and lived in Harmony.

VISHUDDI where water flows, waterfalls.

AJNA on mountains where you can connect with Space and Spirit more easily.

SAHASRARA portals to the galaxy and other dimensions.

Next time you travel somewhere take a moment to align your field with the energy of the place. It’s such an easy way to balance your chakras… enjoy experimenting.


“Now is the time.
The body is the vehicle.
Consciousness is the driver.
Yoga is the key.
The Chakras are the map.”

~ Dr. Anodea Judith